The art of custom cabinetry, furnishings, and components

About Our Shop

With over 30 years experience in construction, remodeling, fine art, and master woodworking craftsmanship, our founder Daryn Windell opened our first location in San Antonio TX in 2005.  Eight years later, we relocated to the Texas Hill Country where our shop now overlooks Medina Lake.

Mandarin Studios 

What we Offer

We work with builders, interior designers, and individuals.  We will work one on one with clients to design and build custom pieces to suit their needs. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

Custom Cabinetry 

Components (Stand alone or Built in)

Handmade Furnishings

Interior Built in Modifications

Exterior Components (Green Egg tables, outdoor kitchen cabinets, etc.) 


One of a kind items: 

Found a picture or have an idea for an item that you can't get produced?  That is what we specialize in!  Unlike other shops, we have both high volume production capabilities and are also able to create a single piece by hand with true artisanship.  We are not limited by what a computer can do.